Specially made for kids aged between 5 & 6

Kit | Parent App | Counselor Support

1. Alphabet boards, puzzles, building blocks etc
2. Game cards, story cards, posters and worksheets
3. Stationary
4. Manual for the parents
5. Classroom on the wall and learning companions Ko Ko and Le Le

It comes with things like scissors, glue, crayons and more, to cut out worksheets and stick them onto their own learning space.

Learning with this kit is a little more advanced in terms of its curriculum & modules, helping children become creative and curious learners.

Your Child is about to reach their next milestone

Senior KG Programme

From: 4,000.00 for 1 month

Gift your child their own learning space with this package from LearnActiv.


The LearnActiv Advantage

Helps in Brain Development

Builds Curiosity towards
Learning New Things

Improves Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, Social skills and Emotional Skills

Helps Reduce Learning
Anxiety In Children

Parents' Testimonials

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