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Classroom on a Wall

by Excelsoft

LearnActiv is a specially designed ECCE programme from the house of Excelsoft Technologies, a global e-learning company with over 2 Decades of experience in the Ed-tech.

With LearnActiv, we bring to the parents an opportunity to help their preschoolers acquire the required skills through activity-based learning to become independent and confident learners.

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Why & How?

Why is early childhood education vital?

Foundation course for preschoolers plays a significant role in a child’s development. Research shows that the period from birth to the age of 8 is a crucial phase for brain development and therefore the most crucial phase of a child’s life to acquire all required early childhood skills.

How can parents partner with their child?

When parents are involved in the learning sessions, children develop social skills and show improved behavior in a safe learning environment. Parents being part of preschool activities encourage children to be creative and to perform their best.

LearnActiv Advantage



Play, Pause, and Go back and forth, allow your child to learn at his/her own pace. The videos foster communication skills and make a powerful impact on all kinds of learners. Learning through videos is more effective as visual information is processed faster and information is retained for longer duration.

Guided Mentorship
and Product Counsellor

We understand your needs and thus the Product Counsellors are made available round the clock, to guide and mentor at any step, be it the content or methodology or the use of manipulatives. Our Product Counsellors are just a call away for any kind of guidance.

Child and Environment
Friendly Materials

Children love to handle and manipulate objects. Child friendly, non-toxic and environment friendly materials are an essential part of the Learning Kit. Children will be thrilled to possess a learning kit of their own that has materials for them to learn and play with. 

Weekly Lesson

The nine month curriculum has been broken down into weekly modules that are easy to handle and can be executed at a weekly pace. Tailored content and Interactives that are well spaced, engage children in fun-filled and exciting learning sessions.

Certification and
Child Portfolio

The certification and the portfolio help to ensure continued education of children and in further admissions. At the end of the course children will be awarded a course completion certificate. The portfolio will capture all the reports generated through the course of milestones achieved. Also, parents will be awarded a certificate stating that they successfully handled and completed the course with their child and that they are certified ECCE trainers!


The interactive games foster non-verbal skills of observation, logical reasoning and problem solving. The engaging games serve as a reinforcement tool to practice concepts learnt.  Children gain a sense of accomplishment on completing a game successfully.

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LearnActiv's Pedagogy is Aligned with NEP 2020


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